Steve Pereira
and Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis and Steve Pereira - Value Stream Clarity

The Power of Clarity

Sharing Strategies and Tactics to Visualize, Measure, and Architect high performance Value Streams across Every Enterprise

Why This

Study after study has shown that 70% of digital transformation efforts fail. Why? Not for lack of funding, lack of tools, or lack of effort. Organizations attempting to evolve are limited by their capacity to implement behavioural change to adopt new capabilities. Significant change depends on finding clarity, value, and flow in our work.Clarity, value, and flow are the currency of knowledge work, but they’re difficult to describe and measure and so are usually left implicit. Failing to optimize for these concerns risks teams that are confused, disengaged, and ineffective.

  • Guide your team, in-person or remotely, in co-creating clear visualizations of your work processes.

  • Re-connect business and technology by re-framing value delivery with alignment and empathy.

  • Understand how to sustain states of psychological flow in the pursuit of increasing the flow of benefit to customers.

Why Now

Building on the lean, agile, and DevOps movements, we’re entering a new era of sustainable value delivery. 2020 has accelerated the push for digital transformation across all industries, and Gartner estimates that, by 2023, 70% of companies will be adopting value stream management.Books like Team Topologies, Project to Product, and Accelerate have demonstrated the overwhelming success that’s possible when organizations align their work with value streams. The majority of case studies at the DevOps Enterprise Summit and other events speak to the importance of value stream thinking to build clarity, boost value, and improve flow.

  • We're creating the first book dedicated to optimizing knowledge work through collaborative mapping, built for our fully distributed world.

  • It blends step-by-step instruction with case studies on success (and failure).

  • See how flow can unlock not just agility, but resilience and sustainability.

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Why Us

Andrew and Steve met at the DevOps Enterprise Summit as mutual fans of the emergence of Value Stream Thinking and success stories across the DevOps community.They've since collaborated on several community and industry initiatives to share Value Stream Thinking with a broader audience and share success stories from this growing movement.Between them, they carry over 40 years of flow, team, value, and systems thinking, coupled with experience guiding teams of all sizes and purpose. By combining their perspectives, 'Inside Out' provides not only tactical and strategic guidance, but cultural and behavioural support for effective improvement efforts.

Steve Pereira

Steve Pereira is 'The Value Stream Guy' and lifelong workflow optimizer. He's been improving flow in organizations ever since his first job making pizza, and after scaling a startup as a founding CTO, shifted to consulting focused entirely on software delivery value streams.He's run dozens of in person and remote mapping workshops with organizations of all sizes as well as speaking and writing extensively on the subject to share his learning.

Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis is the author of Mastering Salesforce DevOps. He's a Salesforce architect, developer, and product leader with a focus on the human side of software development.Trained as an engineer, he spent fifteen years as a Buddhist monk, teaching meditation and personal transformation and helping develop communities of practice. These days he studies the intersection of business, technology, and psychology through systems thinking.

“By 2023, 70% of organizations will use value stream management to improve flow in the DevOps pipeline, leading to faster delivery of customer value.”Gartner Market Guide for DevOps Value Stream Management Platforms Sep 2020

“The reason 70% of digital transformations fail is an issue of clarity… When you start you need to ignore the technology, actually ignore everything else and get extremely clear on what goals you want to set for yourself and your organization.”Tony Saldanha, VP of IT and Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble

The highest performing companies build alignment around three questions:Why are we doing this?
What should we do?
How do we implement the transformation?
Boston Consulting Group, 2020

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